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Sample Project

22 October 2021 | Item | Public

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This is a sample project

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Name | Diana Lovette
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BC Provenance (BC P) Label

Label shared by Sample Community

BC Provenance (BC P) Sample Label

This SAMPLE Label is being used to affirm an inherent interest Indigenous people have in the scientific collections and data about communities, peoples, and the biodiversity found within traditional lands, waters and territories. [Community name or authorizing party] has permissioned the use of this collection and associated data for research purposes, and retains the right to be named and associated with it into the future. This association reflects a significant relationship and responsibility to [the species or biological entity] and associated scientific collections and data. This is a sample Label that is only used for example purposes.

TK Creative (TK CR) Label

Label shared by Sample Community

TK Creative (TK CR) Sample Label

This SAMPLE Label is being used to acknowledge the relationship between the creative practices of [name] and [community name] and the associated cultural responsibilities. This is a sample Label used for examples only.

TK Attribution (TK A) Label

Label shared by Sample Community

TK Attribution (TK A) Sample Label

This SAMPLE label is being used to correct historical mistakes or exclusions pertaining to this material. This is especially in relation to the names of the people involved in performing or making this work and/or correctly naming the community from which it originally derives. As a user you are being asked to also apply the correct attribution in any future use of this work. This is a sample Label used for example purposes only.