Data governance with CARE: A case study of interests under the kangaroo grass (Buwatj) project (Djandak Dja Kunditja, Country Healing its Home) (Report)

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06 Nov 2023

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Megan Wong | Researcher



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This research identified DJAARA and researchers’ rights, responsibilities, and priorities for kangaroo grass (Buwatj) (Themeda triandra) data and information collated and generated through the Djadak Dja Kunditja project (Country Healing its Home). Data was collected through structured interviews and analysed for key themes. How the CARE principles support and align with these key themes were mapped and reported here. Then, from this information, we included a list of recommended areas of immediate and future aspirational focus that DJAARA and partners could take to advance Indigenous Data governance in line with the CARE principles, for kangaroo grass data and information collected and generated through this project. Immediate recommendations included depositing to a secure trusted repository through which DJAARA can mediate access and re-use conditions, including applying biocultural and traditional knowledge labels to metadata.
This research was conducted under Federation University Ethics A21-147 and is the ICIP of Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation (DDWCAC).


Megan Wong


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The BC (Biocultural) Notice is a visible notification that there are accompanying cultural rights and responsibilities that need further attention for any future sharing and use of this material or data. The BC Notice recognizes the rights of Indigenous peoples to permission the use of information, collections, data and digital sequence information (DSI) generated from the biodiversity or genetic resources associated with traditional lands, waters, and territories. The BC Notice may indicate that BC Labels are in development and their implementation is being negotiated.

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