Local Contexts Projects Board

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Title Creator Last updated Notices Labels
A Traditional healer explaining her experience with traditional medicine in Limba language. SOCIETY FOR INDIGINOUS LANGUAGES, COMMUNITIES AND CULTURES 01 Feb 2024
Testing Sample Community 01 Feb 2024
Arkansas Archeological Informatics Arkansas Archeological Survey 19 Jan 2024
Wairuakohu Plant & Food Research 16 Jan 2024
The Izzi people ecological and cosmic calendar Alessandro Musetta 05 Jan 2024
Monitoring for Powelliphanta 'Egmont' Snails Wildlife.ai 12 Dec 2023
Tracking eDNA use as a biodiversity monitoring tool within the rohe of Te Roroa Te Roroa 06 Dec 2023
Aboriginal Archives in Italy Monica Galassi 28 Nov 2023
Local Contexts Summit 2023 - Aotearoa video livestreams and recordings Local Contexts 25 Nov 2023
Maui Silt-Sock Mycoremediation Experiment Program Okada Design 24 Nov 2023

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